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With over two decades of experience in the adult entertainment industry and with many professional agents working in many different locations across the world, the top production companies know who we are and have come to rely on us for talent.


Our talent get more high profile offers, features and box set covers than any other new talent working with other agencies. What this means for you is that you will be presented with opportunities that no other agents will be able to offer you as quite a few production companies as well as private clients work with us exclusively.


We dont’limit our representation to only glamorous,beautiful and flawless, we are looking for everyday people to take part and have fun in this new era of adult industry.


You will be assigned an agent that will promote and take care of you whilst you’re with us.You need to trust your agent and let them quide you and advise you on do’s and don’t’s.Many of our agents have been in the industry themselves for many years before joining the recruitment consulting. This should give you confidence that they know all sides of the adult entertainment films and magazines. Many if them are passionate about recognizing and helping young talent.There is always a selection process.


Porn producers network a lot.Should you get an invitation to an event from your producer , you should accept as you could meet another producers that could lead to other work in the industry.It is strongly advised that you refrain from drinking too much at any work related event or party if you’re hoping to walk away with other potential work.


Moslty everyone starts with amateur porn unless they have experience, but in some cases if your agent thinks you’re ready and has a position that calls for a professional and you fit the bill,you will have an opportunity get involved in larger productions.

Big productions also call for extras.


Do you have what it takes?


Producers understand that amateur actors and extras get nervous and that it will take some tiime to relax in front of the cameras.Always maintain a professional attitude with other actors and actresses ,the producers and camera crew


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We have worked within all areas of adult entertainment since 1995.

We can offer complete discretion to those who wish to stay annonimus but also offer public promotion for those who wish to make a name for themselves in the porn industry.

It is important when you fill in your application to let us know which category you fall into.


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